Seven Stars Martial Arts Association
Master Brian McKinney

Celtic Stick Fighting.

Celtic Stick Fighting Group
"Seven Stars Stick Fighters" Celtic Stick Fighting Club MEMBERS ONLY
Brian J McKinney's stick fighting system based on 40+ years experience of Eastern and Western Techniques.
Using sticks ranging from 6 inches to 6ft but specialising in 3ft Celtic Heavy Stick (Blackthorn).
Incorporating routines, strikes, locks and throws also involving kicks, punches elbows etc.
We also have a full contact, fully armoured, points fighting system. A very practical (members only) system.
Stick Fighting was practised in many countries throughout history. We draw on English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh traditions, but rather than dwell in the past, the system draws on BJ McKinney's experience, focusing on the present day.
Many thanks to our Master Stick Maker Charlie.
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