Seven Stars Martial Arts Association
Master Brian McKinney

Seven Stars Martial Arts.

Our adult martial art syllabus is written and overseen by Master BJ McKinney.
The syllabus contains Ancient & Modern,Traditional & Progressive (martial disciplines) including Wushu, Kickboxing, Combat Jujitsu, Combat Karate, Street Defence etc.
The disciplines are divided into two categories Sport & Combat. Beginners start on a syllabus of basics that are essential to all martial styles. This is known as Alpha level.

Classes are structured into four levels :-
Alpha - Beginners
Mezzo - Intermediates
Vanguard - Advanced
Invicta - Senior Black Belts

Students embarking on the Sport path of Kickboxing or Sport Wushu etc. Will be coached for competition at National & International level.
Students embarking on the Ancient and Traditional path will have the opportunity to study the philosophy behind the arts.