Seven Stars Martial Arts Association
Master Brian McKinney

Seven Stars Physical Arts Academy has a rich
and varied junior Martial Arts syllabus.

We have a thirty plus years of experience teaching martial arts to children.
Many of our original juniors now bring their own children to us for coaching!

Senior Instructor Claire Davies
All classes start on a mixed syllabus of
traditional Wushu, Karate, Kickboxing, Ground Work, Gymnastics, Martial Performance Arts and basic Self Defence.
Gradings are taken when the student is ready and not on a regular monthly basis.
The junior should, with regular attendance, achieve: self confidence, suppleness, fitness, strength, good posture, an ability to concentrate, an ability to defend themselves and a pleasant disposition.
Classes include - fitness training, stretching, martial routines, applications, sparring, gymnastics etc.
As they develop they may wish to specialise in one or more of these disciplines or other advanced styles we offer. Those who show potential will be selected for the competition squad and attend tournaments in Kickboxing, Wushu etc.
We sometimes end the classes with "Little Stars Meditation" – a quiet five minutes of peace.


The classes are divided into two age groups:
Lil' Tigers (6yrs – 10yrs old) and Young Tigers (11yrs – 15yrs old).