Seven Stars Martial Arts Association
Master Brian McKinney

Seven Stars Lil' Tigers Syllabus

Lil' Tigers are aged between 6 to 10. The syllabus for these youngsters consists of wushu routines, karate routines, semi contact kickboxing, basic self defence, basic wrestling, gymnastic martial art performance (martial tricking) and some performing arts (for confidence building). It is important that the children enjoy the classes in order to learn. With the Lil' Tigers our emphasis is on safety and enjoyment rather than pursuit of excellence at any cost. As they develop then they can be encouraged to push themselves more and reach higher grades.
Basics: - All students must participate in basics. Basics consist of talks on manners, good behaviour and self discipline. Basic activities include warm up and stretching, cardiovascular fitness training e.g. running, jumping, and experience of our martial disciplines.
Martial Disciplines: - Some juniors may prefer learning routines whereas some prefer sparring. Some may prefer not to wrestle but to practise gymnastic martial arts etc. The children can choose to opt out of some of the disciplines. They have the opportunity to try all. Grades can be taken in martial disciplines.