Seven Stars Martial Arts Association
Master Brian McKinney

Seven Stars Qigong

Seven Stars Physical Arts Academy offers a high level of Qigong tuition.
We have a thirty+ year history in teaching Qigong. We pride ourselves on our historical lineage, highly trained instructors.

Seven Stars teaches several styles and many routines of Qigong. Our Qigong students range from 16yrs old to 88yrs old.
Qigong (pronounced Chee Kung) is a Chinese health exercise system. Originating in China, it is documented from the second century B.C. Qi meaning energy - Gong meaning skill.  It is based upon the same principles as acupuncture, but uses exercise rather than needles. There are many styles of Qigong. It developed alongside Wushu and Tai Chi. Practised in the form of routines, the moves are usually performed in slow motion the same as Tai Chi.
Students who progress become eligible to join our associations  - "Heaven & Earth Qigong Association" est. 1978 &
"Chinese Wushu Research Institute G.B." est. 1986. (authorised, supported and advised by the most senior Wushu and Tai Chi Masters in P.R.China. )