Seven Stars Martial Arts Association
Master Brian McKinney

Seven Stars Martial Arts Association was established in Liverpool, Great Britain in 1978.
The founder of the association is Master Brian McKinney ( www.mastermckinney.com) It is based in Seven Stars Physical Arts Academy, Merseyside, Great Britain. Its aim is to bring together like minded martial arts clubs, associations and individuals into an organisation that will promote the spread of good quality martial arts to those wishing to learn the arts. It welcomes disciplines both Eastern and Western, Ancient and Modern. It encourages traditional values of respect and discipline.

Clubs and associations of any martial art or martial health based disciplines local or worldwide, are welcome to join with us.

Seven Stars

White Tiger Wushu

Associations currently affiliated to Seven Stars Martial Arts Association

Chinese Wushu Research Institute G.B.
Seven Stars Physical Arts Academy
White Tiger Wushu G.B.
White Crane Tai Chi G.B.
White Crane Tai Chi (Scotland)
White Crane Tai Chi (England South)
Lotus Konkou Karate Dojo
Gladiators Muay Thai Academy
Bimpsons Muay Thai Academy
Lee Charles Ultimate Martial Arts Academy
Arabian Leopard Martial Arts Association (Kuwait)
Wirral Martial Arts Association
Wirral Kung Fu Association
Wirral Karate Association
Wirral Kickboxing Association
Wirral Self Defence Association
Wirral Tai Chi Association

White Crane
Wirral Tai Chi
White crane scotland
Heaven & Earth
White Crane South
Lotus Dojo
Aribian Leapod