Seven Stars Martial Arts Association
Master Brian McKinney

Seven Stars Wushu Syllabus

We started on the Wirral and have been teaching Wushu/Kung Fu since 1978.
We teach several styles of Wushu and can cater from complete beginner onwards.
The syllabus is based upon standardised Wushu routines as practised in the Peoples Republic of China's Wushu Syllabus. It consists of several styles plus many routines including Changquan, Nanquan, Zhaquan, Shaolinquan, Sword routines, Competition routines, Combat routines etc.  
The aim of White Tiger Wushu Association G.B. is to benefit the health and fighting ability of its members and encourage them to fulfil their potential as responsible human beings.
Senior Instructor Claire Davies
Wushu stdents perform with swords
In the West, Chinese Martial Arts are often known as Kung Fu. Kung means Skill and Fu means Great. In China, Martial Arts are called Wu Shu. "Wu" can translate as "Martial" -"Shu" as "Art". Wushu has a history dating back over two thousand years. It encompasses attacking and defensive movements. It includes amongst many hundreds of styles such as:-
The External Martial Art Styles of Chang Quan (long fist), Nanquan (southern fist), Zha Quan (Moslem fist). The Internal Martial Art Styles of Taijiquan (supreme ultimate fist), Hsingiquan (mind fist), Baquaquan (eight directions fist). Also weapons, for example: Sword, Broadsword, Staff, Spear, Three sectioned staff etc. Wushu is an art form because of the profundity and beauty of the postures and movements, the skill involved in performing them and the deep philosophical thoughts that permeate both the history and practice of it.
Wushu can be practised for:
HEALTH - Regular practice will promote cardiovascular fitness, increased flexibility, strength, balance, co-ordination, calmness, increased feeling of self worth etc.
SPORT - Competitions to perform routines or Sparring.
COMBAT - Applications of routines, striking, locking, grappling, groundwork, self defence etc.  
Wushu should be studied in the light of modern science, in as much; it is closely associated with the physiology of exercise, sports-medicine, bio-mechanics, ethics and aesthetics.  It incorporates everything from meditation, health-exercises, external forms (fast moves learned in sequences), martial applications through to full contact fighting.